ElDorado - Legendary Reliability

advantage Features & Options

Standard Features
  • LED Exterior Lighting Including: Front & Rear Clearance, Rear Turn, Red Brake, Center Brake, Backup Clear and Tag Light
  • Rosco Accustyle Manual Exterior Breakaway Mirrors
  • 30”X48” Nominal Rear Egress Window
  • Verona Coal Fabric Driver Overhead Cabliner
  • White FRP Interior Sidewalls and Headliner
  • Interior LED Lighting: Passenger Dome Lights (Qty Pending Length of Vehicle), Driver’s Dome and Overhead Entry Door
  • 5/8” Thick Exterior Grade Plywood
  • Anthracite (Grey) Gerflor Flooring With White Step Nosing
  • Left Hand Vertical Stainless Steel Entry Stanchion With Grey Padded Modesty Panel
  • Left Hand Stainless Steel Entry Assist
  • Driver’s Side Stainless Steel Stanchion
  • 41”X29” Upper Solid Pane Windows Tinted to FMVSS Compliance
  • 30” Electric Entry Door
  • Curbside Exhaust
  • Front & Rear Mud Flaps
  • Rosco Back-up Camera System
  • Manual Seatbelts
Safety Upgrade Options
  • Master Battery Disconnect – 4545300P
  • Roof Hatch – 7116002C
  • 6 x 16 Interior Mirror – 7132501C
  • Stop Request with Touch Tape – 77390000N
  • Red Emergency Window LED Lights (2) – 7184L20P
Performance Upgrade Options
  • MorRyde Suspension – 2197000Y
  • TELMA Brake Retarder – 3875500K
  • ¾” Marine Grade Plywood – 6734000N
  • Fast Idle with Interlock – 2302001K
Appearance Upgrade Options
  • Blackout Window Paint – 9100000N
  • T-Slider Windows – 3601TT0H
  • Gerflor Gayawood – 7343601H
  • 5” White LED Lights Underseat (Perimeter Seating Only) – 7733005H
Comfort & Convenience Upgrade Options
  • Diamond Farebox – 7751200Y
  • Sportworks Dual Bike Rack – 77772AFH
  • Ground Plane (No Antenna) – 7245000G
  • Exterior Entry Key Lock – 3310003P
  • Streetside Exhaust – 2231E00L
  • Overhead Pretoria Luggage Rack – 53200020
  • Battery Box with Tray – 4536231H
  • 30” Rear Luggage – 5124020K
  • Rear Luggage Exterior Double Door – 5100002K
  • Overhead Cabliner with Door (Bottom Hinge) – 5560064K
  • Rear Bumper Step – 24RS230K
  • Aluminum Wheel Rims – 2500010G
  • Driverside Plexiglass Panel (Smoked) – 772501CK

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